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Monique Van Blaricom

Hi, I’m Monique Van Blaricom and I help guide people in the DC Metro area through major home homeownership firsts!

Doing something for the first-time is always scary-- especially something involving the largest purchase of your life! Having a trusted advisor by your side for your major homeownership firsts is what I am here for!

When I bought my first home, I had no idea what I was doing or what questions I should be asking. No one taught me how to buy or sell a home and it felt like I was expected to know a lot more than I did. No one should feel lost like that! I am here to provide expertise and guidance throughout the home buying and selling process and ensure every step of the way you feel supported and educated and never lost or unsure! Ready to start the process and conquer another life first with ease? Click below and lets chat! 

Monique Van Blaricom, DMV Agent, First-time Buyer & Seller Expert 

Hi I am Monique and I help people buy their first home, love their first home, and sell their first home all while feeling educated and supported throughout the process. Doing something for the first time is always a little nerve-wracking, I felt that way when I bought my first home, and again when I sold that home earlier this year. I got into real estate so no first-time home buying or selling experience feels that way! 

When I bought my first home, I was lost. I am here so you don't feel the same way!

There was never a class in school that taught me how to buy a house or apply for a mortgage, so when I went through the process several years ago-- it was an entirely new experience for me. I asked my parents for guidance-- but coming from an entirely different market than the DMV they could only prep me so much! When you are making the largest investment of your life thus far-- feeling lost is unacceptable! That is why I became a real estate agent-- so that when you go through these monumental homeownership firsts you don't feel lost, unprepared, or uneducated. 

What my clients say about me

"I highly recommend, especially for first-time buyers

Monique was a trusted advisor throughout the buying process. She was early, always thinking a few steps ahead to anticipate my needs, and worked with me to customize a winning offer. I highly recommend, especially for first-time buyers."

—Taylor, DC First Time Buyers

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

From the minute we start working with each other, I make sure that every step of the way you feel supported and educated on the process. That starts with a complimentary consultation to walk-through the process, answer your questions, and better understand your real estate goals. I set up a personalized search based on your criteria and handpick homes to send to you so you don't have to drudge through listing after listing that doesn't match your needs. Once we find a home that you love, I advise on crafting a winning offer. From there I guide you through the inspection process, documents review (for condos), and any unexpected circumstances to get us to closing. Once we get through settlement, you are officially a HOMEOWNER!  

Then We Make Sure You Become The Best Homeowner Possible

Becoming a homeowner is just the first step. My guidance and support extends well beyond signing your closing documents. I am here as a resource for vendors-- need a painter, I got it. Need a handyman, I got that too. I have a list of professionals that can help you with all of your home maintenance needs.  But a list of vendor recommendations is not all, I send helpful home maintenance tips throughout your ownership to help you be the best homeowner possible! Then after you have loved your first home, I am here to help you with another first down the line-- selling your home.

What my clients say about me

"Monique put us at ease and always provided comprehensive and helpful information and guidance.

We appreciated that Monique gave us honest input when we were considering various homes. Since moving into our new home, Monique has continued to be a valued resource as we source vendors and settle into home ownership. We highly recommend Monique to anyone looking to buy or sell"

—Sarah and John, DC First-time Buyers

Say goodbye to first-time nervousness and hello to achieving your real estate goals!

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